Our Services

Personal Care includes :

  • Help with getting out of and into bed
  • Help with bathing / showering / washing and dressing
  • Help with toileting / commodes / catheters and stomas
  • This also includes the use and application of creams and ointments, shaving, hair washing and using mechanical aids to with mobility; for example, walking frames, stand aids, turntables and hoists.

Medication includes :

  • Prompting and assisting you with the administration of medicines as prescribed by your Doctor.

Meal and Drink Preparation includes :

  • Preparing breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner preparing snacks or microwave meals, heated and served
  • Hot and cold drinks always offered.

Light housework and laundry includes:

  • Making the bed and changing bed linen when required
  • Leaving the bathroom tidy and hygienically clean
  • Washing and drying dishes and leaving the kitchen tidy with surfaces hygienically clean
  • Laundry
  • Other light housework can be discussed.

Shopping Duties include :

  • assisting you with the making of a shopping list
  • doing the shopping and putting it all away on return
  • Please note : staff are not allowed to use your Credit Cards and  they must be given enough cash money to do your shopping for you.  On return staff will give you receipts and your change.
  • A Cash Form will be completed by the staff and signed by you.
  • Sitting Services, day or night, can be arranged as and when required.

Please contact us for further information and discuss how our services may be able to help you and your loved ones.

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